Silver Skinned Warforged born in the new Warforged factory


Str 16 Con 17 Dex 10 Int 4 Wis 12 Cha 11

AC: 17 (11 +6 Chainmail armor took prof. feat) HP: 38 Init: +1 Fort: 16 Ref: 11 Will: 13 Spd: 5 (6 -1 ~Chainmail) PIns: 12 PPer: 17 +1 Magic Greatsword +1 Greatsword expertise feat

How I got my scores and all that:

Choose Mundane Method and Rolled Original Stats and started with 50 gp: Str 14 Con 15 Dex 10 Int 8 Wis 12 Cha 11

Rolled 14 on Adventure Table and Picked Up a Few Tricks: Gained: +3 Misc bonus to skills and 60 xp

Rolled 7 on Background table: Gained 40gp and 110 xp

Found out that I was only 107 points from leveling up (ah!) so lowered Int by 4 to gain 4 dice.

Rolled 17 on Adventure Table: Kicked Some Ass! Rolled: 2, 2, 2, 1 (7) x 20 xp and 6,6,5,3 (20) x 20 gp Gained: 140 xp and 400 gp

490gp total Bought Adventurer’s kit – 15 gp Chainmail – 40 gp Magic Greatsword – 360 gp

75 gp total leftover

1,033 xp total (727+60+110+140) – whew, just leveled up to 2!

+2 Str & +2 Con (Warforged bonus) -4 Int (to get dice : P )


August was among the first Warforged born at the new factory after the discovery of old technology roughly 5 years ago. Her creator Talos (human) was more of an artist than a blacksmith and he treated August as his own. Talos named her August because that was the month that he finally finished her. She is only 3 years old but was considered an adult since 4 months of age. In her short childhood she was enthralled about the history of the Warforged since she wanted to know where she came from and longed for someone to identify with.

To give August purpose and direction Talos told her stories of the great Brightspear, a Warforged soldier who follows the Silver Flame and she heard many tales of him vanquishing evil monsters and assassins. Right then she knew what her purpose was and that she too would fight along side the Silver Flame in the battle against evil. Although she has no need for sleep, August often meditates for long periods of time to listen for the Silver Flame’s guidance and to harness the power of the Silver Flame’s strength. August often dreams of being tutored by Brightspear one day since she strives to be the best soldier of Silver Flame that she can be, but rumor has it that he probably died long ago although his resting place is unknown so no one is certain.

Shortly after being born August was sent to a type of academy that was created to train young Warforged so that they would become skilled Warforged soldiers. Her and her fellow Warforged became very independent and disobeyed orders which they disagreed with but this wasn’t a problem for the factory’s owner Sardon because he intended to sell the Warforged army although the Warforged would be told that they were nobly recruited to serve a higher purpose. As word of the Warforged army got out many people offered to buy but Lord Eld of Entioch offered the highest price. The night before the transfer of the Warforged Talos decided to leave the factory because he disagreed with Sardon’s decision to sell the Warforged. He knew that they were basically being sold into slavery and that the young, impressionable Warforged would be brainwashed by the armies which they were sold to as they would be discouraged and possibly even forbidden from following their own path in life.

August listened and prepared to leave but before she left she told her 2 best friends Lightsphere and Targon of the sale, hoping that they could alarm the others in time and then she fled. She wasn’t sure if they would believe her as they were younger than she and only knew of what Sardon taught them, and she hoped that she would be able to free them later. As they left they encountered 5 Warforged guards and a battle ensued. August quickly found out that her creator was much more skilled in battle than he appeared and she sprung to the occasion to protect him. The injured guards eventually gave up and let Talos and August go. Sardon watched from a distance but saw that they were determined to leave and he didn’t want to anger Talos any more than he already did.

Talos led August to the town of Entioch where he found his friend Steven who was now the leader of the group called the Warriors of Light. August was told that the group was founded in the pursuit of evil and she felt as if she had found her place, she only hoped that the rest of the Warforged would have the same opportunity.


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