A pious if skittish halfling...


Str:11, Con:10, Dex:12, Int:8, Wis:18, Cha:16



Armor:Chainmail (5 AC)

Weapon:Spear (+2 to hit, 1d8 dmg)

Fort. Def.:10

Ref. Def.:11

Will Def.:14


Tirin was placed in the care of the Church of Ioun at birth and has lived a monasterial life until very recently. A shy, skittish, and worrisome lad of twenty tending to keep to himself and to books instead of people Tirin is ill equipped for life out of the cloister. It is for this exact reason that the head priest of Tirin’s temple sent him out to see and experience the world: “There comes a time my son where every bird must leave the nest. The time has come Tirin to spread your wings and ride the winds of prophecy, to seek understanding of the world and above all to learn and spread enlightenment across the land! Go now my son with the blessing of the Goddess upon you, may you always find the answers you seek.” With that the bemused Tirin set out, finding himself headed toward the sea…


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