Wizard (Orb spec)


Original Rolls (unmodified) STR – 7 CON – 10 DEX – 13 INT – 14 WIS – 9 CHA – 9

Switched dex and wis with a mulligan

Ended up in a strange land…twice (new language and +1 to 2 skills)x2

Learned the hard way (-1 to cha and 450xp)

-2 str for 2d6 (got -2 str and +2 int)

-1 int for 2d6 (got 40g and 90xp)

Adjusted stats (with racial bonus)

STR – 3 (leet)

CON – 10

DEX – 11

INT – 17

WIS – 13

CHA – 8

Experience: 540

HP: 19

Surges: 6

Defenses: AC=13, Fort=11, Ref=10, Will=13

Feats: Arcane Familiar (Raven)

Languages: Common (raven speaks also), Draconic, Elven, Dwarven

Rituals: Create Campsite, Tenser’s Floating Disk


At Will – Cloud of Daggers, Thunderwave

Encounter – Burning Hands

Daily – Freezing Cloud, Sleep


Born to an ailing mother, Albrek inherited her physical frailty. He compensated for his weakness by burying himself in magical study. Always a little sickly, he was ridiculed by his classmates and shunned by his warrior father; never measuring up to his brother Orin, an exceptional swordsman. Orin always cared for Albrek, but one day out hunting, Albrek’s condition put them in a dangerous situation and Orin was grievously wounded. Unable to face his father’s wrath and disappointment, Albrek fled the Shadowfell using one of the Arcane University’s portals. However, in his inexperience, Albrek interpreted the spell wrong, transporting him into the hills near Urthos. After wandering around alone for days he created an “imaginary” companion named Orin that his magic gave the form of a shadowy raven. Barely alive, he stumbled into an inn in Urthos and was nursed back to health by the innkeeper.

Albrek is shy, but grateful and quick to befriend anyone who treats him with respect. Despite his past, he always seems to keep a positive attitude, always ready with a kind word or joke. What most don’t know is that the darker side of his psyche is embodied by his familiar, Orin. It frequently makes macabre or depressing comments, and cautiously advises Albrek to watch out for himself above all others.

Albrek wants to live life free from the judgement that he grew so used to. However, he also wants to redeem himself in his father’s eyes, so one day he wants to return to the Shadowfell.


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