No Heroes Chapter 2

Elyas' Journal, first entry

I’ve recently embarked on a journey with fellow adventurers of the warriors of light. My first mission with the adventuring company was an uneventful success and I have no other pressing matters at the moment so I decided to take up Hunding on an offer for a scouting mission.

Hunding Rolfson is the leader of the Urthos branch of the warriors of light and he has received reports of an Uldiran ruins in the northwest mountains. He needs a small scouting party to find out what they can about the area, a simple reconnaissance mission. Though I may not be able to perceive my surroundings through sight and am admittedly not the first person I would approach for such a mission, Master Hunding thought that considering my background I may be interested in investigating the ruins.

We left Urthos seven days ago. The first day we had a brief encounter with one of those mana beasts. They are very unpredictable to me, at least in my limited experiences. I did not sense any hostility though I could not see the beast my companions did not want to take any chances, luckily the beast was friendly although not very informative. I hope we don’t end up having to face any of the beast’s kin in combat. Judging by the reaction of my companions along with the strength of the beast’s voice I’m not sure we would be able to hold our own just yet against more than a few.

The rest of the journey to the ruins were somewhat uneventful, my alchemical reagents came in handy when we needed to cross the river though. I’m getting a little better at projecting my energy to form my floating disc, it was much stronger this time and I was able to help Tirin cross as well.

We are approaching the mountain soon I’m told, right now I am waiting at the campsite with Tirin and Jenna while Seth and August hunt for game. We should be there by tomorrow. We are taking shelter near an ancient tree. I tried to walk around it earlier and it took me the better part of an hour before I realized I should probably head back the way I came, I didn’t quite make it around and I’m not sure how much longer it would have taken.

The others are back, looks like we are eating rabbit tonight. We haven’t encountered any more mana beasts and I’m glad for that. They are such strange creatures, very difficult to read.

I can never tell precisely what a mana beast’s intentions are until they are either laughing at my foolishness or having their minions shackle me and force me into a cage. What’s worse is that I have difficulty sensing whether a creature is a mana beast or just a mundane animal.

I will pray to the old ones for guidance and have faith that their teachings will reveal the way…

The First Adventure
Finding time to game

So, Mike’s place is out of commission temporarily as they are crazy busy. My place is open if people are interested. Message me for the address/phone number. Weekends would be best, if people are available Friday night, saturday all day/night or sunday daytime. If not the weekend, then weekday evenings work ok, except tuesday nights as Aimee and I have child birthing classes for the next 5 weeks.

Trying to embed google calendar. I’m very frustrated OP doesn’t allow iframes… Here’s a link.

Go ahead and join and post events if you can… if you can’t, then message me your e-mail and I’ll invite you or whatever it needs.


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